Wednesday 27 July 2016


ELKHONEN ZALTSBERG (1857-February 17, 1924)
            He was born in Raseyn (Raseiniai), Lithuania, and studied in religious elementary schools and yeshivas.  He later turned to secular subjects and joined the revolutionary movement of the Russian Populists.  In 1881 he set out for the United States.  He spent two years in London, where he was active in Jewish labor groups.  In 1883 he arrived in New York.  Together with Dovid Edelshtat and others, he founded the anarchist organ Di varhayt (The truth), in which he published his translation of chapters from Karl Marx’s Kapital.  Years later he joined the Labor Zionist party.  He settled in Philadelphia where he contributed for a time to the local editions of New York’s Morgn-tsaytung (Morning newspaper).  He died in Philadelphia.

Source: Yedies fun yivo (New York) (June 1948).
Borekh Tshubunski

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