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            He was born in Kapulye (Kopyl), Byelorussia.  He studied in religious primary school and public school, and he later graduated from Horodok middle school and passed the examination to become a school teacher.  For a time he taught in state schools in Lyozna, Orsha, and Vitebsk, where at the same time he was active in the Jewish labor movement.  From his youth he was involved in collecting Jewish folklore, which he published in Fraynd (Friend) (St. Petersburg-Warsaw) just before WWI and later in: Tsaytshrift (Periodical) in Minsk 1 (1926), pp. 117-39, and 2-3 (1928), pp. 831-60.  In book form: Milkhome-vits, legendes, anekdotn, vertlekh, glaykhvertlekh, shpasn, roshe-teyvesn, kalamburn ukhdoyme, geshpanen arum milkhome bikhlan un arum der groyser velt-milkhome fun 1914-1917 yor bifrat, gezamlt in vitebsker gegn (War jokes: legends, anecdotes, saying, aphorisms, jokes, abbreviations, puns, etc., covering war generally and the Great World War of 1914-1917 specifically, assembled in Vitebsk district) (Vitebsk, 1922), 171 pp.  He died in Vitebsk.

Milkhome-vits (1923 edition)

Sources: Chronicle in Oyfboy (New York) (January 1924); A. Zaretski, in Di royte velt (Kharkov) 7-8 (1926); Tsaytshrift (Minsk) 1 (1926), p. 117,
Khayim Leyb Fuks

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