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YOYSEF REGENSBURG (1879-May 21, 1930)
            He was born in Friedrichstadt (Jaunjelgava), Courland.  He received his doctoral degree in philosophy and medicine from the University of Berlin in 1910.  In 1915 he settled in Vilna and practiced medicine there.  He was an active Zionist.  He wrote for the Zionist daily newspaper Unzer fraynt (Our friend), Di tsayt (The times), and Folks-gezunt (Public health), among other serials.  He was co-editor of Yidishe tsaytung (Jewish newspaper) in Vilna (1919-1920).  He died in Berlin.

Sources: Di tsayt (Vilna) (May 23, 1930); Hirsh Abramovitsh, in Di tsayt (May 27, 1930); Fun noentn over (New York) 1 (1955), p. 208.
Leyzer Ran

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