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            He was born in Volpe (Wołpa), Grodno region, Byelorussia, into a poor home.  From childhood he suffered from a deformed spinal chord.  At age nineteen he moved to Vilna where he studied photography and lived in poverty in a damp cellar, from which his weak lungs were further ruined.  At age fifteen he began writing poetry about nature and provincial Jewish ways of life.  Among his poems there is a series of fables entitled “Motye der yeshuvnik” (Motye the village Jew), a portion of which was published in Unzder tog (Our day) in Vilna.  He died of tuberculosis at the age twenty in Lune (Lunna), Grodno region.  Three volumes of his writings remained after his death.  His father, Osher Elinovitsh, appealed from Wołpa to Yiddish writers that they might become interested in the literary legacy of his son who had passed away prematurely.

Source: Leyzer Ran, 25 yor yung vilne (Twenty-five years of Young Vilna) (New York, 1955).
Leyzer Ran

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