Thursday, 28 May 2015


SH. GOLDBERG (d. 1942)
            He was a Soviet Yiddish poet and prose writer from the post-October generation.  He came from Odessa, Ukraine.  He first publications was a poem in Yung-boy (Young structure) 7 (Kharkov, 1928).  Later, he was a contributor to Ukrainian Yiddish newspapers.  Among his books: In umru geboyrene (Born in chaos), poems (Kharkov, 1932), 106 pp.; Lider un balades (Poems and ballads) (Kiev, 1936), 117 pp.  He translated: P. Oleshchuk, Dos sektantum un zayn reaktsyonere rol (Sectarianism and its reactionary role) (Kiev, 1937), 28 pp.  He was killed in fighting against the Nazis in 1942.

Sources: “In der yidisher un hebreisher literatur” (In Yiddish and Hebrew literature) (his name is mistakenly given as “Goldenberg”), Tsukunft (August 1943); Kh. Loytsker, in Eynikeyt (October 7, 1947).

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