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SHMUEL SHVEMER (SHMIL SHFEMER) (1877-April 26, 1956)
            He was born in Jassy (Iași).  He attended religious elementary school and yeshiva, received ordination into the rabbinate, and lived for many years in Iași.  After WWII he was living in Israel.  He edited the religious monthly Idishe visenshaft (Jewish scholarship) (Iași) over the years 1918-1937.  His books include: Folshtendige khronologi fun der idisher geshikhte (Complete chronology of Jewish history), including the most important events of the Jewish people (Iași, 1923), part 1, 156 pp.; Dos idishe interesante bukh (The interesting Jewish book), actually a linked number of the journal Idishe visenshaft (Iași, 1925), 2 parts; Hundert yor idishe geshikhte, 1829-1929 (A century of Jewish history, 1829-1929) (Iași, 1929); Der toytn kult bay iden (Cult of the dead among Jews) (Iași); Der nayer “seyfer hadroshes” (The new Book of sermons) (Iași, 1937-1940).  In 1970 there was published a Romanian translation of Shvemer’s Yorn un reges (Years and moments) (Kishinev), 163 pp.—unable to locate a copy of the Yiddish original.  He died in Tel Aviv.

Source: Natan Mark, Sifrut-yidish beromanya (Yiddish literature in Romania) (Haifa, 1973), see index; Volf Tambur, Yidish-prese in rumenye (The Yiddish press in Romania) (Bucharest: Kriteryon, 1977), pp. 168-71.
R. Kara

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