Sunday, 11 August 2019


SHMUEL SHUR (d. 1903)
            He made his way to the United States.  He was one of the first to write revolutionary poetry as propaganda.  He published poems and articles in: Nyu-yorker yudishe folks tsaytung (New York Jewish people’s newspaper) (1886-1889).  He was co-editor of the Yiddish-language Haivri (The Jew) in Lemberg (September 4, 1898-end of August 1899, initially twice each week, later three times).  He was of a Zionist labor inclination.

Sources: Kalmen Marmor, Der onhoyb fun der yidisher literatur in amerike, 1870-1890 (The start of Yiddish literature in America, 1870-1890) (New York: Writers’ Section of IKUF, 1944), pp. 35, 42, 50; Gil’ad (Tel Aviv) 3 (1976), pp. 91, 105.
Berl Cohen

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