Monday, 12 August 2019


HIRSH-AVROM SHTOLPER (b. April 26, 1924)
            He was born in Czernowitz.  He attended religious elementary school, high school, and later a senior high school for literature in Bucharest.  He spent WWII in concentration camps.  From 1948 he worked for the Bucharest Yiddish state theater until 1961, at which point he settled in Israel and performed with Habima.  He published poetry in the weekly Ikuf bleter (Pages of the Jewish Cultural Association) and the monthly Der kultur-vegvayzer (The culture guide) in Bucharest.  In book form: Likht in undzer lebn (Light in our life), poetry (Bucharest: Farlag far literatur un kunst, 1951), 72 pp.; Pentru tine, versuri (For you, verses), trans. Virgil Teodoreste (Bucharest, 1957), 82 pp.  In partnership with Moyshe Balan, he wrote for the Yiddish theater in Romania: Dos folk zingt (The people sing) (1951); Mit a lid af di lipn (With a song on my lips) (1953); Mit fefer un mit zalts (With pepper and with salt) (1954); Shakh mat (Checkmate) (1955); and Der gan-eydn af der erd (Heaven on earth) (1957).

Ruvn Goldberg

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