Friday, 9 August 2019


DORA SHULNER (1898-1962)
            The author of stories, she was born in Radomishl (Radomyshl’), Kiev district.  He was orphaned at an early age.  She worked as a tailor.  After WWI she emigrated to the United States.  Her first stories were published in 1940 in Frayhayt (Freedom) in New York, and later in Chicago’s Idishe kuryer (Jewish courier), Unzer veg (Our way), and Kalifornye idishe shtime (Jewish voice of California).  Her work also appeared in periodicals in Toronto, Winnipeg, Mexico City, and elsewhere.  Her books include: Azoy hot es pasirt, 1905-1922 (That’s how it happened, 1905-1922) (Chicago, 1942), 108 pp.—an autobiographical work, recipient of an award from YIVO; Miltshin un andere dertseylungen (Miltshin and other stories) (Chicago, 1946), 167 pp.; Ester (Esther) (Chicago, 1949), 102 pp.; Geshtalten un dertseylungen (Figures and stories) (Chicago, 1956), 192 pp.  Her books depict mainly the life of a Jewish woman in America.
Berl Cohen

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