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MEYER RISPLER (b. July 4, 1904)
            He was an author of stories, born in Zgersh (Zgierz), Poland.  He received a traditional Jewish education.  From 1944 he was a leader of Bucharest’s IKUF (Jewish Cultural Association).  He was editor for the Yiddish and Romanian state publishers and compiler of Oygeveylte shriftn (Selected writings) of Sholem-Aleichem (1956), Mendele Moykher-Sforim (1957), Y. Y. Perets (1957), and Leyzer Shteynberg—all in Bucharest.  He edited the collection Oyfshtayg (Ascent), an anthology of Yiddish literature in Romania (Bucharest, 1964), 458 pp, second edition (1972), 576 pp., and contributed to Bukareshter shriftn (Bucharest writings) (1979).  His works include: Der zig (Victory) (Bucharest: Kriterion, 1961), ordinary images drawn from a Moldavian town, second edition (1974), 193 pp.; Mit ofene oygn (With open eyes) (Bucharest, 1965), 189 pp.; Shtraln in shturem (Beams [of light] in a storm), a novel (Bucharest, 1967), 373 pp., second edition (1975)—all published by “Farlag far literatur” (Publisher for literature).  He translated a novel by Mihail Sadoveanu, Mitrea kokor (Mitrea Cocor) (Bucharest: State Publ., 1955), 235 pp.

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