Thursday, 26 June 2014


SH. ALEK (1888-1037)
From 1930, he was editor of the daily newspaper, Der odeser arbeter (The Odessa laborer).  His books include: Ibergeburt (Overburdened) (Kharkov: Tsentrfarlag, 1931), 30 pp.; Farmekte vegn, zikhroynes fun a gevezenem anarkhist (Erased paths, memoirs of a former anarchist), concerning the time of the civil war, intervention, and occupation (Berdichev, 1932), 208 pp.; In ongli (In the heat) (Kharkov, 1932), 144 pp. [second volume of previous title]; Tempn, fartaykhenungen (Tempos, notes) (Kharkov-Kiev, 1932), 175 pp.  He also wrote article about Yiddish language and literature.  His career is otherwise unknown.

Sources: Y. Kvitni and Y. Mitlman, “Di yidishe sovetishe literatur” (Soviet Yiddish literature), Morgn-zhurnal (January 9, 1932); Afn shprakhfront 3-4 (1935) (Kiev).

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