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            In the 1930s he was director of the No. 12 Jewish Middle School in Minsk and at the same time a teacher of Yiddish literature.  He published Gezelshaftkentenish, arbetbukh far 5tn lernyor, ershter teyl (Social knowledge, workbook for the fifth school year, part 1) (Minsk: State Publ., 1928), 104 pp., with Z. Kahnutin, L. Holmshtok, and others; Antireligyezer literarisher leyenbukh (Anti-religious literary reader) (Moscow-Minsk: Central Publ., 1930), 415 pp., with Maks Erik and K. Beznosik; an adaptation for schools of Y. Y. Linetski, Dos poylishe yingl (The Polish lad), with Kh. Kahan (Moscow-Minsk: Central Publ., 1930), 99 pp.; and Geshikhte fun klasn-kamf (History of class struggle) (Moscow-Minsk: Central Publ., 1931), 176 pp., with Z. Khanutin and L. Holmshtok.
Khayim Maltinski

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