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LEYB RUBINLIKHT (June 5, 1899-February 2, 1985)
            He was a poet, born in Warsaw.  He received a traditional education and graduated from the high school of Magnus Krinski.  He studied chemistry at Lemberg University.  He survived WWII on the “Aryan side” [passing as a Gentile].  He spent the years 1945-1949 in refugee camps in Germany, and later he settled in Israel.  He debuted in print in 1935 with poems in Polish.  From 1959 he switched to Yiddish.  He wrote poetry, stories, and articles on literary topics in: Nyu-yorker vokhnblat (New York weekly newspaper), Tsukunft (Future), Yisroel shtime (Voice of Israel), Lebns fragn (Life issues), Letste nayes (Latest news), Yidishe tsaytung (Jewish newspaper), and Der veg (The way) in Mexico City, among others.  In book form: Lider (Poems) (Tel Aviv, Nay lebn, 1973), 113 pp.; A shmues mitn harts, lider (A chat with the heart, poetry) (Tel Aviv: Nay lebn, 1975), 128 pp.  Pen names: Leyb Eler, L. R., and El-er.  He died in Tel Aviv.

Sources: Shimen Kants, in Letste nayes (Tel Aviv) (March 2, 1973); Mortkhe Hampel, in Yidishe tsaytung (Tel Aviv) (September 25, 1975); Yidroel Emyot, in Forverts (New York) (December 28, 1975).
Khayim Leyb Fuks

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