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DOVID RUBIN (September 7, 1893-1975)
            A storyteller and folklorist, he was born in Gura Putnei, Bukovina.  He graduated from public school and middle school.  In 1922 he received his doctoral degree from the University of Bucharest.  He was a professor of French and German.  He wrote stories, feuilletons, and reportage pieces in Tzhernovitser bleter (Czernowitz pages) and after WWII in: Ikuf-bleter (Pages from IKUF) and Kultur-vegvayzer (Culture guide) in Bucharest; Naye prese (New press) in Paris; Folks-shtime (Voice of the people) in Warsaw; and Morgn-frayhayt (Morning freedom) in New York.  In book form: Lebn der breter-zeg (Near the buzz saw), a novel (Bucharest, 1951), 98 pp.; Fun amol un fun haynt (Then and now), stories (Bucharest: Farlag far literatur, 1963), 226 pp.; Dertseylungen (Stories) (Bucharest: Farlag far literatur, 1968), 126 pp.  He translated for the Yiddish state theater in Bukovina: a series of plays by Molière and Balzac, Anne Frank’s diary (with Sh. Rubinger-Launer and A. Shpigelblat), and other works.  His one-act play Mayn khaver, mayn fraynt (My comrade, my friend) was published in Bucharest’s Vegvayzer (Guide) 11-12 (1951).  He died in Bucharest.

Sources: Y. Shvarts (Y. Kara), in Folks-shtime (Warsaw) (March 18, 1967); N. Mark, Yidishe literatur in romenye (Yiddish literature in Romania) (Haifa, 1971), pp. 145, 150, 157, 174 (footnote).
Y. Kara

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