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SALOMEA PERL (1869-1916)
            She was born in Lomzhe, Poland, daughter of Kalmen-Avigdor Perla, author of Otsar lashon akhamim (Treasury of the language of sages), among other work.  She was raised in Lublin.  She later moved to Warsaw and worked in a translation office for foreign languages.  She graduated from Geneva University and studied in Paris and London.  In the early 1890s, she debuted in print with stories in Polish, which attracted the attention of literary circles.  Under the influence of Perets, she began to write in Yiddish, and she published several impressionistic works in Yontef bleter (Holiday sheets): “Broyt zukhendik” (Searching for bread), “Ohn kinder” (Childless), and “In teater” (In the theater).  Due to poor health she wrote little.  She also published: “Patke mit di bremen” (Patke with the eyebrows), Yud (Jew) 19; “Mikhele der latnik” (Mikhele the patcher),[1] Yudishe folkstsaytung (Jewish people’s newspaper); “Tsipke” (Tsipke), Fraynd (Friend) (1903); and “Di kanve” (The canvas), Shtrahl (Beam [of light]) (1910).

Sources: Zalmen Reyzen, Leksikon, vol. 2; Avrom Reyzen, in Tsukunft (New York) (1920), pp. 649-51; Dr. Y. Shatski, Geshikhte fun yidn in varshe (History of Jews in Warsaw), vol. 3 (New York: YIVO, 1953), p. 275.
Yankev Kahan

[1] Translator’s note.  This may be an error for “Khaykl der latnik” (Khaykhl the patcher). (JAF)

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